Aseptic Void

Aseptic Void

Davide Terreni  is a multi-instrumentalist. Aseptic Void, his solo project, started in 2009. Psychology is very close to his music. Everything  he creates is nothing but a continuous catharsis. In his compositions he uses audio samples (musical instruments and other sounds recorded live) and various electronic devices, he also creates artwork and painting for his own album covers

Interview with Aseptic Void

1. Give us a brief history of the project

My project was born as a communicative necessity. I started experimenting with various fragments of sounds, years ago, after leaving the academy of music (i studied violin for ten years). Aseptic Void is exactly born in 2009, so my treatment began in 2009. I started to express in sounds my feelings, closed in the darkness of my room. I chose a language far more direct and subliminal than the verbal. The innocence is spread along all my sounds. I return a child in my sounds… I speak directly to my subconscious, trying to reassure him.

2. What are your influences?

There are no specific influences but I can mention few artists who have accompanied me in these years: William Basinski, Erik Satie, Premature Ejaculation, Akira Yamaoka … I would like also to mention Darcy Odrai.

3. What does your studio or recording space look like?

My room is warm and comfortable. Full of paintings.

4. What do you feel as you record music? 

I vehicle all in music. It’s hard for me to define how I feel when composing . Did you ever experience feelings of suffering large enough to have forgotten them in later years? so much to not be able to put on focus on them? Perhaps this is the right theater to show them, to bring them to life… in some circumstances, I can not understand what kind of feeling comes over me.

5. If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Darcy Odrai.

6. If you could meet someone living or dead,who would it be and why?

I don’t think I feel the need to know someone in particular.

8. Who is your favorite prophet?


9. Any last words?

I have nothing to add .


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