Alphaxone is Mehdi Saleh from IRAN, creating dark ambient soundscapes with a futurustic touch.


Interview with Alphaxone

Give us a brief history of the project

Mehdi: Alphaxone founded in the year 2009, came to fruition after extensive Ambient Styles experimentation and different feelings in that environmen

What has the experience been like for you, working on the Nyarlathotep collaboration? Was it strange working with sounds from the other artists?

Mehdi: The Art is full of experiences, and I like the idea that I can use others’ experiences. That was fascinating.

Did you tend to use more of your own sounds on Nyarlathotep, or did you take this opportunity to work with more sounds from your label-mates?

Mehdi: Of course I like to use my sounds and my ideas, but it was a collaboration, so that was a good experience to use layers from other artists.

You have recently released your fourth album through Cryo Chamber, Echoes From Outer Silence. This album showcased some of your most experimental work to date. For instance, on “Altered Xone” you start the track with voices coming through a staticy field of sound, and then it shifts into something that could have almost been the intro track for some rock or metal album. Did you make a conscious effort on this album to push the boundaries of your sound further than ever before?

Mehdi: Generally I try to benefit from new methods and sounds in my new albums. And maybe The song you’ve mentioned is affected by my sonic experiences .

Anything interesting you would like to say about the writing and recording process on Echoes From Outer Silence?

Mehdi: This album was different from my previous works, so I think this point was interesting both for me and fans.

Without going into detail, can we expect a shift in direction again on your next album, or something more akin to some of your previous releases?

Mehdi: Surely it would be developed in any dimensions , and I hope so …

You are in a unique position as a dark ambient artist in Iran. Can you give us a little bit of an idea of the challenges you face as an Iranian on an American record label?

Mehdi: First I must say that I am proud to be Iranian. There is no different where artists are from, in spite of their own problems and limitations they can present their art in various ways…

Alphaxone and Xerxes The Dark appear to have been long time friends. You often refer to Xerxes The Dark as the first dark ambient artist out of Iran. Can you tell us a little about how you came to meet Morego of Xerxes The Dark, and how he influenced Alphaxone?

Mehdi: Yes, we have been friends for years, and I can say that he is a pioneer in dark ambient and experimental noise, but I think that my work and my music is not affected with his trend and works. We are independent artists but we share our thoughts and feelings, I respect his character and his work.

If you could meet someone living or dead,who would it be and why?

Mehdi: My father is dead, But always there for me. Remembrance is fresh for me

Many dark ambient artists like to set a particular mood in the studio when working on their music. They often use meditation and/or incense and work in the late hours of the night. Do you have any kind of set rituals you like to follow when sitting down to work on music?

Mehdi: I try to control my mind and be free from any stresses before composing my music, and yes I work in late hours of nights.

Have you been listening to dark ambient for many years, or is this a relatively new genre to you?

Mehdi: No its not new genre to me, because you can hear and feel these kind of sounds and frequencies everywhere, from childhood to death.

If you had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?

Mehdi: Void of Silence, In previous years / David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, for the rest of my life.

How has your overall experience been so far with Cryo Chamber?

Mehdi: In one word, it is Unique.

Do you think the apocalypse is coming and how do you think it will happen?

Mehdi: I have no idea, i just know that nobody knows the future …


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