Ager Sonus

Ager Sonus

Originating in 2014, “Ager Sonus” is the Dark Ambient project of German musician Thomas Langewehr.

Growing up in an era where the Cold War was still going strong, getting to know the dark history of Nazi-Germany and all of the tragedy und suffering that came from it, it created a strong feeling of guilt that will be with him forever. He saw the Chernobyl-catastrophe, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of East- and West-Germany as well as the downfall of the Soviet Union. The first Iraq War, where he remembers people sitting scared in front of their Tvs contemplating buying gas masks because the media speculated about the fallout reaching Europe.

A lot of defining moments in history that showed a lot of darkness, unimaginable levels of human suffering and just flat out evil, but also inspiration from people willing to fight and stand for a better place to live. So darkness has always been a part of his life which ultimately manifested in his music. Getting inspiration for his music also comes from long walks through the outdoors with his audio recorder always at the ready to capture the atmosphere of the stage of war.

From the first release in 2014 to the latest he explored a lot of different approaches to ambient music. From field recordings, traditional synthesizers, glitches to using a lot of orchestral instruments and vocals. Later albums started telling a album long stories, steering away from creating single tracks with contained themes.

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