Aegri Somnia

Aegri Somnia

Aegri somnia is a Croatian dark ambient project run by Jurica Santek. The project was active in 2007/2008 and was later resurrected in 2014. It is focused on detailed dark ambient textures, technical experimentation and has a background in the esoteric and philosophy.

Let’s just get a quick introduction on yourself. Tell us a little about your project

Aegri Somnia is dark ambient project that I started after many experiments with various sounds, I use the dark ambient medium because I listen to a lot of releases in the genre so I started my own project to infuse my own ideas into my production.

The foundation for the project was structured in 2007, but the project was frozen for a number of years before you got back to it in 2014, tell us a little about what happened in between and why you decided to put the project on hold during those years.

I have other projects and i didn’t feel connected to scene at that period, but i always worked on various layers of dark ambient sounds and made plenty of experiments with those sounds.

What are some of your influences?

I came from metal background, but with age I started to listen to a lot of different genres and sub genres of music. Experimental electronic music was always of special interest because I was always very impressed by the possibility of various modular synths and other emulators/effects. The possibilities of genres and sub genres are endless, but I found ambient/noise/experimental territory to be the most fascinating and interesting.

Tell us a little about what your studio or recording space look like?

A small room with pair of studio monitors, PC, DAW and synths.

How is the ambient scene in your country and how does that color the project and your music. Has it helped you or hindered you in any way?

I live in very small country so we cant have a big scene here. Some artists from here were signed to good ambient/noise/industrial labels, and they produce very interesting music.
Everyone has a different approach to Ambient music, tell us a little about the process before, during and after production.

My project is a very personal project, so i think life and my view on life is the main mechanism for production. I don’t have any special rituals for production, in essence I just want to be real with my art and form of expression.

If you could meet someone living or dead,who would it be and why?

Schopenhauer, he seemed very interesting.

What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people could know?

Very few people know me, and people that think that they know me don’t.

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