The story of Cryo Chamber, as told by label head Simon Heath


I grew up in the cold north called Sweden. Faced with never ending darkness during the winter months, introspection turned to mysticism. Meditation, Martial Arts, Occultism, Eastern Mysticism and Psychedelics proved to be invaluable medicine.

With a background in playing the piano since a young age I combined it with my philosophical interest. The Atrium Carceri project was born.

The first album “Cellblock” released in 2003 on industrial label Cold Meat Industry.

In 2011 I moved from Sweden to California, USA. Meanwhile the music industry was in shambles. Cold Meat Industry went under, bringing with it a multitude of other labels. I decided to start my own label, Cryo Chamber. Focusing on Cinematic Ambient due to my passion for film soundtracks and storytelling.

I brought on board a lot of my fellow artists from labels of the past. Together we started building a collective workshop of sorts. Each of us empowering the rest by sharing our audio design philosophies and techniques.



We since moved the label to Oregon. Where natural beauty and crispy cold mountains influence our direction. Our numbers have grown to more than 30 artists. We’ve as the time of this writing released 70 albums.

With 85 million minutes listened to on Youtube we are now making our mark in this sub genre of sub genres.

The growing interest in ambient inspires us to work together to reach new skill levels. Our collaborations lead us to explore new worlds. A taste of this can be heard on our massive collaborations Cthulhu and Azathoth.

I hope you will enjoy our efforts to create something new and exciting and that you join us in our movement.

/Simon Heath, Cryo Chamber