Dead Melodies – Fabled Machines of Old

The old bard sat muttering by the hearth in the creaky wooden tavern. His table a scatter of maps, aged leather-bound books and unravelled scrolls lit only by the flicker of candlelight and occasional fizz of embers when drawing on his pipe.

Once a chronicler to the kings of old and trusted advisor in the great war, his grey, ragged demeanour concealed a regal past of breaking fast at the finest tables across the land.

The second age of the machines had taken its toll, fracturing once great empires to but a tribal fight for dominion and a race to find the firestone, for the prophecy was said to say that he who yieldeth the stone, ruleth the land and to him the machines shall answer.

Mages of fire led armies of towering machines across the land in search of the stone, burning anything and everything in their path. Cities crumbled, settlements were burnt and displaced citizens all now looked to the rising sun for the next age to begin.

And the legends, the truths and answers all now sat with the bard, for he had discovered a secret code hidden within the ancient texts and stories of old that would lead to the firestone. A nod to the barkeep furnished him with another tankard of the finest mead as he continued to decipher the code.

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