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Ruptured World – Interplanetary released

It has been ten years since the last communications were received from the Deep Space Mission for Colonial Expansion led by Executive Director Professor Yannis Tarknassus. The outcome of the mission remains a mystery, its status unknown. A follow up mission of search and recovery is now underway, led by Dr Phoenix Macrae, son of the Chief Science Officer of the previous mission, Dr Hector Macrae.

Interplanetary chronicles the search and recovery mission as it travels through space to its intended destination of Proxima Centauri b in the Alpha Centauri star system.

Deep space travel requires extreme technologies and the specialised deployment of unique scientific principles in order to secure time-bending relative motions though the spacetime continuum. The effects of this on the human cerebrum, as experienced by the space flight crews and their passengers, are both strange and compelling. As part of the scientific remit of the search and recovery mission, a team of scientists are conducting ground-breaking telekinetic thought-rendering experiments, using Phoenix Macrae as their principal subject matter, in an attempt to catalogue the collateral impact of deep space travel on the human psyche.

Interplanetary also documents several radical spacetime shifts where the phantasmagoria of Ruptured World is infiltrated by the explosive cyberpunk energy fusions of In Quantum.

For fans of space ambient, cosmic horror, cyberpunk and spoken word.

CD Comes in a beautiful reverse board print Digipak with a 20 page booklet. Digital booklet included in download. 

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