Album artwork for Dead Melodies - The Masterplan

Dead Melodies – The Masterplan

Dead Melodies serves us a soundtrack to a dystopian future where cybernetic hacking has wiped most of the population, an overgrown world painted with dark drones

The rise in blackmarket mods of the amaranthine expansion had exposed more vulnerabilities than The World Council could patch. Originally promised to provide users with next-gen intersensory integration in The Cyberzone, but a bad code in the mod had revealed a port directly into the cerebral cortex, giving full access and control of the mind, thus kicking off a race between the Council’s Cyber Security Agency and hacker groups to either patch or exploit the port.

At first just the modded expansions were affected, but once the malicious code infiltrated the mainframe, the hackers gained access to the entire neural network. Full motor-cranial control of 80% of the world’s population was theirs. The hand of god was assumed; like puppeteers of the highest order.

And with the human race set to stand-by, white eyed and in a temporal loop of anaesthetic symbiosis; government houses burned, military intelligence was deleted and crypto banks were wiped clean. It was then the unspeakable and irreversible moment came; the genesis flood surged through The Cyberzone, literally switching off the brains of the connected, sparing only the young and the deactivated. Over half the human race, wiped out in a heartbeat. And the almighty towering empire of The World Council, now just a relic left to be reclaimed by the earth.

The hacker’s masterplan was complete. A hard reset that ushered in a new dawn for mankind. The few survivors, now fully liberated from the technological reign of The World Council, free to restart anew and rebuild the human race. Enter Earth 2.0 

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