Apocryphos – Against Civilization released

Finally, we see Robert C. Kozletsky return with a dreary and guitar driven follow up to 2016’s Stone Speak. Against Civilization is where Robert takes a different sonic path. Vastly different from past releases, but still wrapped in the solemn sound Apocryphos is known for.

Civilization is a curse. Your head hangs heavy in the windowpane as you gaze upon the dregs of society. It soon collapses and nature turns feral. Those desperate to cling to their hollow idols fall silent, eyes sunken. They are not there. They have abandoned us. They are against civilization…

Features stark and captivating artwork by Erik Osvald and a 12 page booklet with extended artwork and text emphasizing the turmoil within the music. Close friend and fellow collaborator Pär Bostrom (Kammarheit, Cities Last Broadcast, Hymnambulae) makes an appearance on two tracks.

Recommended for long nights, rainy days and fans of cold and emotional soundscapes

Grab it on Bandcamp:

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