Artwork for EXIMIA - Visitors

EXIMIA – Visitors up for pre-order!

We welcome EXIMIA to the label with his album Visitors

EXIMIA presents us with a sound design and field recording heavy album about an alien invasion. You won’t find many harmonic elements on this album. It instead serves as a backdrop where Dominik has crafted a soundscape that sucks you into it’s atmosphere.

“For centuries people have been looking at the stars, wondering if we are alone in this infinite universe, or if there is someone else out there. Would they be friendly and if not, would we be ready for them? 

They came without warning. 

Our weapons pointless against these behemoths covered by storm. When I lay my eyes at their divine beauty in all it’s power and destruction, I feel no anger nor sorrow, I feel awe. Our new gods have arrived.” 

Highly recommended for fans of field recording and closed eyes listening

Releases April 3, 2018

Written, Produced, Performed, Mastering: Dominik Ragančík
Cover Art: Vladimír Mrkvica

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