Nyarlathotep Mythos

Nyarlathotep Mythos

Nyarlathotep Mythos

Nyarlathotep, the crawling chaos, first descended upon humanity through the H.P. Lovecraft prose poem named Nyarlathotep. He came during a time not so different from our own. It was a season of political and social upheaval. Mankind felt as if the world was at a breaking point, but no one wanted to speak of this. Seasons grew hotter. Our faith in the known gods faltered. The timing was ripe for the arrival of Nyarlathotep.

Nyarlathotep was of an Egyptian origin. Yet, not modern Egypt. Nyarlathotep rose from a deep centuries-long slumber. He arose in the guise of an Egyptian pharaoh. Nyarlathotep commanded respect, fear, and supplication. Through the use of his strange instruments he left his observers with a deep sense of awe and terror. He induced horrifying nightmares to all who dwelt within range of his dark aura. Yet, people were still drawn to him. They excited in his tricks and spectacles.


Book of the Dead


Nyarlathotep moved through out the world. He stopped in many cities, leaving their populace in a despair state of mind. Then he would move on, corrupting more and more cities in his path. As he proceeded, in his company were cohorts of evil followers. They were dark hooded beings with yellow evil faces, who dwelt in the shadows.

In Nyarlathotep’s wake, the heavens seemed to descend on humanity. Darkness enshrouded the Earth. Only the dull light of the moon shone upon the land. And, the people became brainwashed. As civilization crumbled around them, mankind gave in to Nyarlathotep. They marched off to their graves, utterly helpless to save themselves.

So the cities crumbled. Humanity lost all sense of direction. Autumn quickly turned to winter as humanity marched to its grave. When Nyarlathotep arrived, no one realized that he was the physical embodiment and soul of the great Outer Gods. He conducted the rituals and led the cults of all the Outer Gods. Nyarlathotep is the son of Azathoth. Azathoth, like many of the other Outer Gods was a mindless being. But, Nyarlathotep was quite different from the rest. He spread his malevolent plans where ever he went.


Hooded Acolytes


Nyarlathotep takes many forms. He most often comes in the guise of an ancient Egyptian pharoah. But, this is only one of many forms. He has also been documented as a gelatinous mass, extruding golden tentacles; a hooved, hairless man with pitch black skin and Caucasoid features, most resembling an avatar of Satan; a devastating storm; a dainty maiden with the illusion of a large bloated tentacled humanoid cast before her; a putrid, living fog; a treacherous black daemon; a pitch-black eight-foot-tall faceless man; a faceless shape-shifter; a winged faceless sphinx; a bluish, red-veined jellyfish-like creature; a bloated batlike creature with a single eye; an African-American jazz saxophone player; a howling giant, with tentacles in place of a face; a two-headed bat; among many other forms. The shape-shifting nature of Nyarlathotep increases the terror he commands. Humanity can never be sure whether he is present.


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  • Written by Michael Barnett
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