Cryo Chamber featured in Bandcamps Lovecraft in Music article

We were featured in Bandcamps article about Lovecrafts influences in Music.

“In 2014, the ambient label Cryo Chamber recruited 13 electronic artists to collaborate on the Lovecraft single-track tribute album, Cthulhu. The project went so well that a year later, the label coaxed 22 acts into taking part in the double-disc follow-up, Azathoth (named after Lovecraft’s ruler of the Outer Gods), which features two numbers “Azathoth 1” and “Azathoth 2.” Both are hypnotic and nightmarish, conjuring images of rocky, snow-capped peaks inhabited by an all-powerful deity, who, like a pitcher plant, lies in wait for unsuspecting victims. Along with the gradual swell of keyboards and sporadic splashes of sound, the release is augmented by subtle cries, cascading waterfalls and noises only highly advanced creatures can properly interpret. “Lovecraft’s writing is very atmospheric stuff, and it’s very cult,” says Azathoth contributor Thomas of the project Mystified. “An entire alternate cosmology is offered, and I think that appeals to other artists. They enjoy the idea of becoming a part of that cult universe.”

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