Neoclassical Sale

This weeks sale is all about Ambient with Neoclassical influences
Save 50% on the following select downloads:

Flowers for Bodysnatchers – Aokigahara
Come visit Japan where Duncan Ritchie takes you to the suicide forest, Aokigahara. Lonely piano and textural field recordings brings you through the cities, trains and back alleys of Japan.

Flowers for Bodysnatchers – Love Like Blood
If you enjoy Aokigahara, you don’t want to miss the sequel. Love Like Blood takes you to the underworld that is Tokyo. If you’ve played the Silent Hill games, this album nails that save room ambience. Experience a sense of safety within a chaotic world.

Enmarta – Sea of Black
If you haven’t listened to this album yet, you should. Enmarta’s first album on Cryo Chamber shows you that Viola and Dark Ambient work together. Smell the salt, swim in dark waters and don’t forget a life west when the violas hit.

Enmarta – The Hermit
Thick fog rolls in over majestic mountains as you read the dusty book. Cold wind knocks at the rusted gate, begging the soaring tower for attention. A lingering smell of burnt oil reaches you from agitated torches left standing til dawns first light. An album about enlightenment through isolation. Listen to this one at the midnight hour and you’ll get it.

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